Brain Injury Journal

I just listened to a great podcast on autoimmune encephalitis with Dr. Eyal Muscal, a pediatric rheumatologist. Listen to the first 15 minutes or so to get an overview of this disorder and how common it is for doctors and mental health professionals to miss the diagnosis and instead treat patients as if they were having psychiatric issues.

There’s three things working against AE patients – it’s a rare illness, many mental and medical health professionals aren’t familiar with the symptoms, and symptoms often mimic mental health issues. I still struggle with hard feelings about my interactions with the medical professionals who treated me but I remind myself that they  were smart enough to diagnose me before I died.  Some patients are not that lucky.

Learn more about this rare illness at the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance.

In the Eye of a Storm – Podcast on Autoimmune Encephalitis