Brain Injury Journal

(Mis)reading signs

Here’s a small example of what it’s like to be in my head right now. I was taking a walk and saw one of those signs you see in front of churches everywhere, “Bob’s Glory Shines Through His Creation.”

IMG_5281Hmmmm…Bob’s glory? I’m puzzled and pause. Who is Bob? Is he the church gardener? If he’s so talented, why am I not  impressed by the landscaping? Are they celebrating Bob’s retirement or something? Then something clicks and I realize it’s likely I “glitched.” Again. Ohhh duh, it’s God not Bob.

I call myself a dolt and keep walking but then it hits me. This happens to me over and over. Has this happened in front of other people?  People must have caught me in these moments.

But then I remember two things that a dear man in my life repeatedly tells me, 1) Be forgiving of yourself in these moments, and 2) Recognizing when something is “off” is a positive sign.

I’ll take that sign any day.